Spend Your First-Year Fall Abroad at Georgia Tech-Lorraine —
Tech’s European Campus in Metz, France

Accelerate your journey to global citizenship with Georgia Tech’s new First-Year Fall Abroad (FYFA) Program! This innovative program leverages Georgia Tech’s European campus in Metz, France to provide a high-quality, experiential learning opportunity for incoming first-year students who wish to internationalize their college career. Begin your studies at Georgia Tech with a Summer session in Atlanta (as part of iGniTe). Next, head to France for a first-Fall semester at Georgia Tech-Lorraine. Finish the year with Spring semester back on the Atlanta campus.  50 lucky students will be part of our Summer/Fall 2021 cohort!

Georgia Tech-Lorraine

Georgia Tech-Lorraine was established in 1990 in Metz, France. The campus is located in the heart of Europe in the Grand Est region by the borders of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany, less than 90 minutes from Paris by high-speed train. The highly innovative Lorraine campus offers programs that create synergies between academics, research, and innovation.