Oxford Academic Requirements

FYSA Oxford

Academic Requirements


ATL: 3 credits

GT 1000: First-Year Seminar (1 credit; required). This section will also include cultural enrichment content to prepare for Oxford.
APPH 1040: Scientific Foundations of Health (2 credits; required).


In Oxford at Mansfield College: 12-13 credits

ENGL 1101 or 1102: Composition I or II (3 credits; required). Students who have prior credit for 1101 from AP, IB or dual enrollment will take 1102. Students who anticipate dual enrollment credit for 1102 must speak with the FYSA program manager and academic advisor.
MATH 1550: Introduction to Differential Calculus (3 credits) or MATH 1711: Finite Mathematics (4 credits) 

CS 1301: Intro to Computing (online, async) or CS 1371: Computing for Engineers (online, async – to be confirmed).

HTS 1031 – Europe Since the Renaissance (3 credits)

Around Europe Courses

ID 2242 Art History II (3 credits; required).
MUSI 3621 Musicians & Their Music (3 credits; required).

Course selection will be done in consultation with the student’s major academic advisor to ensure the appropriate courses are taken. College of Design students must speak with their academic advisor prior to determining if they can attend FYSA.

Special Note: Most FYSA@Oxford courses proceed on an accelerated, six-week schedule. Students should expect rigorous engagement with course materials, and they are encouraged to consult with their advisors to determine overall preparedness. Additionally, some courses may have requirements after the Around Europe–portion concludes, until the end of the Fall term. 


ATL: 12-15 credits

Students will be advised by their major advisor on appropriate course schedule and credit hours for spring, based on courses completed in summer and fall.