GTE Costs & Financial Aid

FYSA Georgia Tech Europe

Costs & Financial Aid

Summer Semester
(Georgia Tech, Atlanta)

The FYSA program begins with a three-week Summer orientation at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Students will be responsible for tuition (as listed on the Bursar’s website), Georgia Tech’s mandatory fees, and a program charge that includes housing, meals, field trips, and special events. More details about Summer fees are listed below.

Fall Semester
(Georgia Tech Europe, Metz, France)

Georgia Tech-Europe, Tech’s satellite campus in Metz, France, will be your home for the Fall Semester. Students pay Georgia Tech tuition, as listed on the Bursar’s website (please review the tuition line entitled “GT Europe”). Additional fees include Georgia Tech’s mandatory student fees and the FYSA@GTE Program Fee, which includes housing, all faculty-led excursions, some meals, and additional related expenses. More details about the Fall fees are listed below.

Please note that, for each coming academic year, tuition rates are not posted until April when the Board of Regents (BOR) typically sets new tuition rates that take effect in Fall. We recommend that you review the tuition listed for the previous academic years (as listed on the Bursar’s website) to familiarize yourself with the tuition structure for Georgia Tech-Europe. Note that non-resident students pay a higher rate of tuition than resident students.

FYSA Cost Overview

Georgia Residents

FYSA Cost Overview

Non-Georgia Residents

Fall 2024 Cost Comparison

 The FYSA@GTE Program Fee includes:

Escorted shuttle bus from select European airports

(Paris-CDG guaranteed) to Georgia Tech-Europe on arrival and departure.

Georgia Tech-Europe Fees

  • CISI Medical Insurance coverage
  • Student ISIC card
  • BDE Activities fee (student association)
  • Administrative support

Mandatory housing in a student residence

Within walking distance of the Georgia Tech-Europe campus.

Faculty-escorted weekend travel and fall break travel

Transportation, lodging, all tours and group activities, including some meals.

 The FYSA@GTE Program Fee of does not include:

Covid-19 PCR testing prior to departure (cost varies by provider)

Currently, students must show proof of a negative PCR test result when they depart the U.S. (or as mandated by their country of residence) and on arrival in France, and also before being permitted to enter the Georgia Tech-Europe campus (subject to change based on the status of the Coronavirus pandemic).

  • Georgia Tech-Europe staff will advise on the protocols that must be followed prior to departure, if any.

Visa and Campus France costs

Approximate cost is $375 for those students requiring a visa.

  • All students holding passports outside of Schengen Area countries will be required to obtain a visa.
  • Please do not apply for a visa until instructed to do so by Georgia Tech-Europe. Staff will guide students through the process with Campus France.

Spending money & incidentals

We advise students to budget $200 per week for personal expenses, local travel (ie, bike rental or bus fare to and from the Metz city center) and weekend travel during the second half of the semester when students will travel independently.


Estimated cost of $3,400, based on spending $8 per meal, three times a day.

  • Students will have access to low-cost meals through a French student dining hall offering a full lunch for under 5 euros.
  • Students may also prepare meals in their dorm room, which includes either a private kitchenette or shared kitchen facilities.

    Trip cancellation service

    We recommend purchasing supplemental trip cancellation insurance and/or insurance that international plane tickets are changeable.

    Books & supplies

    Estimated cost of $400-500.

    Passport costs

    All students must have a valid passport with at least 3 months of validity beyond the date they will depart for home from France at the end of the program.

    • $145.00 application and processing fee (US Government passports). Expedited service: An additional $60.

    Round-trip international airfare from the US to France

    Approximate cost is up to $1,500.

    • Please do not purchase your plane ticket until instructed to do so by Georgia Tech-Europe staff. There are very specific arrival dates and times that are currently TBD.

     Financial Aid & Scholarships

    Please visit the undergraduate Scholarships page on the Georgia Tech-Europe website for information.