Why First-Year Semester Abroad at Oxford?

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Why First-Year Semester Abroad at Oxford?

Did you dream of starting your first year of college at Georgia Tech? Maybe you pictured yourself studying in Tech’s digital-age library facilities and working in state-of-the-art labs?

What if your first year didn’t start this way?

  • What if you got a taste of Georgia Tech in the Summer, where you would start mastering the tools you’d need to add an international dimension to your college career?
  • What if you spent the first weeks of your Fall semester studying in Oxford, England, living on the campus of the oldest university in the English-speaking world? What if you finished your Fall coursework on the road, studying and traveling throughout continental Europe with your professors?

With Georgia Tech’s First-Year Semester Abroad in Oxford, you’ll gain intercultural sensitivity skills and global perspectives that will frame the rest of your college and life-long learning experiences.

You’ll bond with a like-minded, globally adventurous cohort. Only 50 lucky students will get the opportunity to immerse themselves in Oxford life and complete their Fall studies in some of Europe’s most stunning cities.

What would it look like if you spent your first Fall semester with FYSA at Oxford?

You won’t grab your morning coffee from Kaldi’s on campus … but you will get to sit down every night to a chef-prepared dinner in the historical Mansfield College Dining Hall.

You might not have as many course offerings while you’re in-residence at Oxford and traveling in Europe… but you will benefit from small class sizes and easy access to faculty.

Your “classrooms” will be the art museums, concert halls, castles, and cityscapes of Europe… instead of Georgia Tech’s state-of-the-art labs and research centers.