GTL Academic Requirements

FYSA Georgia Tech-Lorraine

Academic Requirements


ATL: 3 Hrs

GT 1000: First-Year Seminar (1 credit; required). This section will also include cultural enrichment content to prepare for GTL.
APPH 1040: Scientific Foundations of Health (2 credits; required).


GTL: 12-14 Hrs

GTL 2000: Metz – Gateway to France and Europe (1 credit, required).

ENGL 1101 or 1102: Composition I or II (3 credits; required).  Students who have prior credit for 1101 from AP, IB or dual enrollment will take 1102.

MATH 1552: Integral Calculus or 1554: Linear Algebra (3 credits). Students are encouraged to ensure prior credit for MATH 1551: Calculus 1 before departure to GTL.

CS 1301: Introduction to Computing, CS 1331: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, or CS 1371: Computing for Engineers (3 credits). Course details for CS 1331 and CS 1371 are still being finalized and may be subject to change.

Additional course offerings include the following: INTA 2221: Politics in the EU, HSOC 2100: Science and Technology in the Modern World, or FREN 1001; 1002; 2001; 3120; or 3501 (3 credits). Note that INTA 2221 counts towards the European Affairs Certificate. HSOC 2100 provides the general ethics credit.

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Please Note:

Course selection will be done in consultation with the student’s major academic advisor to ensure the appropriate courses are taken. College of Design students must speak with their academic advisor prior to determining if they can attend FYSA.


ATL: 12-15 Hrs

Students will be advised by their major advisor on appropriate course schedule and credit hours for spring, based on courses completed in summer and fall.

GTL 2000 Course Requirement and Program Travel/Excursions

As the only required class that is common to the entire FYSA@GTL cohort, GTL 2000 is the cornerstone of this FYSA track. Building on concepts introduced in the summer-session GT 1000 course—such as intercultural sensitivity, mindful learning, empathy, and global citizenship—this course challenges students to reflect on the meaning of place, culture, and historical context. GTL 2000 is designed to enhance the experience of living and learning in France and the European Union.

During the first half of the semester, GTL 2000 will integrate classroom and experiential learning with group travel excursions in Western Europe. Visiting museums and historical sites, on detailed guided tours, and more, students will travel with FYSA faculty each weekend. Excursions will deepen students’ awareness of the significance of Metz and the Grand Est region to postwar European construction. A highlight will be a 4-day weekend trip to Paris for exploring the many facets of French identity.

During the second half of the semester, students will continue meeting in class, and they will prepare for a week-long, guided excursion taking place during the Fall Break. For more on the Fall Break Excursions, see Travel/Excursions.

The FYSA Faculty Director teaches GTL 2000, with guest instruction by a Georgia Tech-Lorraine French professor and guest speakers from the GTL community. GTL 2000 is also an important opportunity for community building and bonding between the students, a chance to learn alongside a globally minded cohort.